Today, stayed bacck to do some project. hahas,

Then Then Then,
went back home, LOL,


Wayne =D
( I Am What I Am )

Why so scared?

Yo Yo Yo!!!

Wayne =D
~I am What I am~

I Wish~

Went to WCP with friends today~ with Bryan, Jeff, Guo Qiang, Boon Juin, Ian, Jeslene and Sharlene=D
After that went to Jes house void deck and continued true or dare.
Went to playground and play awhile. . .
Walked :\ home. xP

After that, went to watch Formula 1 live at there.
So cool~~
The car was like' Vroom.!!!!.!!!!!'
Shall end here ba.

Hold Me Tight And Never Let Go..
Wayne =D
~I am What I am~

School was okay not badd~~
Not sure whether i should buy a yoyo for $50..

If only i could do that...^

So gonna' stop here. hahas

Wayne =D
~I am What I am~

Yo Sup~~
Today, went to Sharlene's house with Jeffrey to eat her mum's Curry Fish Head. Hahas,Rating: 9/10. x] Not bad uhs. =D
Then went to play her comp. Then then then... played monopoly, Hahas. Got pwn by Shar. Lols,

After that, my parents sent Jeffrey home.
Went back home for dinner. Not bad also. . . Dad cooks it. Hahas,
Bro's friend, Deborah came too. =)
Then played my yoyo, play till the screw inside came off.. ARGH. Can't play yoyo now... <.<

Anyways... Gonna' do my hmwk real soon if possible. xP
Enjoyed myself today. HAHA.
K Bye!

Wayne =D
~I am What I am~

Yo Yo Yo~~
WHAT SUP ALL~! HAHA. So bored!!
Wa finally post because of Shar asked me too, anyway also long time did not post liao, just post lorh.

Today was okay. ..
went out with friends to library, then also at the same time, relax abit x)
Went to Mac to have lunch.
After that, went out with parents to Robinsons to shop >.<
Lols. Then came home play WT with Sharlene. Hahas.!. PWN!

Wanna' get the Dark Magic Yo-Yo~~~~!!!!

HAHA. K so thats all luh. Will try to update more. xP!!

Wayne =D
~I am What I am~

Went to WCP with friends today.
Exchange tickets for water gun. Haha, Kidda' lame i know. lol.

School was okay.
And gonna' go bath soon. x)

Wayne =D

Today, went to watch, Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince. ;D
4 and half/5 for my rating. =D
Nothing much to talk about today. Hahas. xD

Action Speaks Louder Than Words. . .

Wayne =D

Okay. . a random picture~~!

Wa Hoo!!! Temperature went all the way down and i am not sick anymore. DOPE! Lols,
Buuuuut. . . still got cough. =.=

Anyway, CONTEMP! Went for contemp today. Did some moves which were quite amuzing, Contemp shirts were out too. Nice design eh? Black and Blue tee. =D Ironically, it wasn't given out to us today. . . WTH? Gonna' wait to Tuesday then they would give us. Hahas.

Would be back in school on Monday peeps! So don't miss me. HAHA. jkjk xP

Gonna' have tuition later. Lol.
Haha. =)
Shall end here.
Ciao! (:

If I Had One Wish. . .

Wayne =D

As i knew it.
Temperature went up to 37.7-38.2 and stayed at home again. Come on!! Please recover!!!!!!. Lols xD
It should recover by tomorrow already. Hope so. x) Who knows? It goes up and down. . .

I really want to go school!! Miss so many lessons alr.
Also ate a dozen of medicine and it just didn't work. Saddened-


Wayne =D

Who's Gonna' Win Gonna' Win Gonna' Win?